Sea adventure

Yacht Adventure

Sea adventure

Close your eyes. Imagine the vast blue of the sea, the pure azure sky and the cool touch of the breeze. Sunlight is shimmering on the soft waves, while the summer wind fills the sails of your yacht. Seagulls are racing about and in the distance you can see fabulous wild beaches, luring you to dig (your) fingers in their golden sands.

It all sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? The good news is that this dream can easily become reality and even surpass your expectations of a dream vacation.

You have the opportunity to climb aboard some of the most luxurious motor and sailing yachts in the Black Sea – a great idea for escaping boredom whenever you wish. Feel the thrill of sailing and experience the beauty of the Bulgarian coast. That’s the best way to collect precious memories of your holiday.

Whatever type of yacht you choose, it will help you discover new places or just chill with your friends in a pleasant atmosphere. That’s two good reasons for your vacation to turn into an unforgettable adventure!

A trusted professional crew will take care of your comfort and safety throughout the whole journey. You will be able to enjoy fully the amazing view of Cape Kaliakra, the estuaries of Kamchiya and Ropotamo rivers, or any other place you wish to see.

If these wonders of nature are not enough, you can also visit some of the last remaining wild beaches of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, which are accessible only by water. Holding a refreshing drink, you’ll have the chance to experience the unique peace that can be felt only on a secluded beach!

In case you prefer the exotic Mediterranean, we can help you dive in the atmosphere of the Greek coast, too. You can hire one of our yachts there and feel free to enjoy everything Greece has to offer.

Rediscover the beauty of marine leisure – reserve the yacht of your dreams with Optimal Rents right now! We guarantee that you’ll get the best offer at a competitive price.

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