Are there any restrictions for the children when you rent a yacht ?

The international shipping laws do not include any restrictions for babies and small children. This remains a personal choice by tenants. Our advise is beforе confirmation of booking to inform us of such peculiarities. We will be happy to give small children all the needs specific fot them. Upsets may occur upon the first voyage but this is normal and should not bother you.

What additional costs other than rent can we expect ?

The price for rent includes all running costs for electricity, water, supplies and maintenance of the property/yacht. For your account remains everything extra – food, drinks, support staff (your option), services (your request). It is important to know that motor yachts have large fuel consumption, which is not included in the rent. Fuel consumption of motor yacht can be approximately 50 -100 and more liters per hour to work on engines.


Whom to call in case of accident or emergency ?

Every object that we offer as an agency, is managed by a responsible employees or owner described in the lease. If there are emergency or accidents, we will assist you immediately. Keep in mind that we can not be responsible for our non-public utilities – sewers, water supply etc. We are committed to assist you promptly and responsibly.


What are the conditions for the bad weather during the period of rental ?

In very rare cases, time changes our plans for yacht vacation at the sea. Unfortunately we can not predict the weather. If this happens before the planned departure, yacht charter is repealed for other dates convenient for tenants. If you are unable for other dates and want to cancel the rent, conditions for refusal listed in category ‘Terms & Conditions ” enter in force.

What activities can develop during your vacation?

We strive to offer your attention not only property but also we can provide you many opportunities for sport, relaxation, entertainment and experiences. This part of our job rank as one of our priorities. The main activities are described in the site to each subject. For all other non – standard activities, you can take benefit from the experience of our team.

What type of payments do you accept ?

We accept payment by PayPal or bank transfer to company bank accounts of Triem BG. We are ready to send you all the documents for the basis of the transfer (if required by such bank). After each payment made by you, you will be invoiced for the confirmation of the transfer.