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Trips are, without doubt, among the greatest pleasures in life!

Exploring nearby or faraway destinations, enjoying the mountain or the sea – travelling to different locations means creating memories that will last forever! Extremely important part of any trip, however, is the place you stay at. If you don’t choose carefully, you take the risk of experiencing a nightmarish accommodation and creating mostly unpleasant memories. […]

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Yacht Adventure

Sea adventure

Close your eyes. Imagine the vast blue of the sea, the pure azure sky and the cool touch of the breeze. Sunlight is shimmering on the soft waves, while the summer wind fills the sails of your yacht. Seagulls are racing about and in the distance you can see fabulous wild beaches, luring you to […]

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Dreaming of exceptional summer vacation ?

  The secret of unforgettable holidays is already known – if you only visit Greece, your idea of spending some great time will change forever! You need to know one thing, though. You won’t feel the authentic atmosphere of the Mediterranean, if you choose to stay in one of those hotels cramped with tourists. In […]

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