Terms and Conditions


OptimalRentals.net is a fully owned and operated business of the company Triem BG Ltd. The company specializes in renting yachts, organizing yacht charters and offering single, luxurious villas and apartments of hotel type. The registered office of the company is in Varna, Bulgaria and offers properties and charters over the whole Bulgarian Black sea coast, Greece, Turkey and Cratia.

Payment methods

Payment is possible by PayPal or bank transfer to bank accounts of Triem BG Ltd. Upon payment, please fill the number of your renting offer as an occasion for paying.

Guarantee for rent

Conducted by the customer payment guarantee reservations for rent and kept as a guarantee to the accommodation of tenants in the property / yacht. The amount paid to Triem BG shall be paid to the owner / manager after confirmation by the customer tenant for honesty in welcoming and his accommodation.


Denial of reservation

If there are any circumstances and you want to unsubscribe from an reservation, you lose the initial payment (deposit). If you want to return purchased  voucher for a charter / rental you can do it no later than two weeks after buying it and three weeks before the arrival which will cost 60% of its value.

Problems with yacht /  property

Before paying the rental deposit, all features and capabilities of the charter / rental must be clear to both of the sides. If they subsequently do not meet the agreed, you are entitled to recieve a compensation equal to the differences or to cancel the rent and to get your money back. Keep in in mind, we can not take responsibility for problems that do not depend on us, such as water supply and sewerage systems. But we will help you to eliminate them immediately and most responsible.

Refusal to rent (Accommodation)

In very rare accidential cases, the housing or rent might be impossible. These cases includes circumstances that do not depend on us, such as accidents, natural disasters, disease and others. If that happen, we will offer an alternative charter / rent. If you reject our options, we’ll give your money back, including additional costs such as taxes, fares and others.

Fractures, damages

When accommodating the tenants in most cases is required damage deposit varies depending on boat / property you rent. For paid by tenants deposit shall be issued document and shall be stored until the expiration of the rent. Upon leaving and establishment no damage the deposit will be returned in full. If settle damages caused by tenants owner / manager reserves the right to withhold the deposit to repairing the damage.

Standards of a yachts / properties

We strive the yachts/properties that we offer, to meet high standarts, that can answer the requirements of the most choosy customers. This is certainly a very difficult task. We ask for responsible behavior in relation to residence and maintenance of the property. After you settle down, it will be good to look around and meet the more dangerous locations – balconies, ladders, slippery surfaces. For any features read carefully the rules for using and the information supplied by us.

Legal Relate

If any of these conditions are defined as illicit or inappropriate with the country of the destination, they  will be considered as invalid and will be removed. The other conditions and rules stay the same and continue to be required.


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